“Without ATM Freight Services, we would not have been able to make it through our first 10 years of business. Having ATM as our freight company, we could quote on rush jobs needing to get done immediately and count on ATM to deliver our freight same day or early the next morning. We were also able to outperform our competition on the weekends because of ATM’s availability. ATM is the reason we could do things our competitors couldn’t. With ATM and their constant updates, we were able to keep our customers updated at all times, and we continue to count on their services today.”

Denny DeMartel/Board Member, Benicia Fabrication & Machine

“I have been in inside sales with Motion Industries for 26 years. I started using ATM Freight Services a little over 10 years ago. I jokingly refer to ATM as “Always Time is Money” but to be honest, it is very true. ATM has never let me down in getting parts to Southwire as quickly as possible and as smoothly as possible. So in my opinion, ATM Freight Services is the most reliable courier service in the business.”

Wayne Blair, Motion Industries

“ATM Freight Services has supported our station during construction and operation in Wadsworth, Texas for 28 years. Our partnership with ATM has helped us support our station outages and online work activities. Their on-time delivery, communication, and 24/7 availability is why we have shared this long partnership. We appreciate ATM Freight Services commitment to ensure our satisfaction of every shipment.”

Gregg Tomek, STP Nuclear Operating Company

“I started using ATM Freight Services 27 years ago. They were my go-to for my 15 years at Citgo (which was Unoven at the time) and then also when I went to Flint Hills Resources. When I arrived at Flint 12 years ago, they were using someone else for their expedited freight. The company they were using let me down, so I immediately changed to ATM Freight Services and they have never let me down. ATM Freight Services keeps me informed with constant updates, and when I come in to work in the morning, I receive phone calls and emails with status updates and P.O.D. I give ATM’s name out to all of our plants.”

Salley Matey, Flint Hills Resources

“ATM does what they say they are going to do, and provide continued status until delivery – if problems arise we are already aware.”

Garry Snyder, DuBose

“We use ATM because they are dependable, and if a customer’s freight forwarder gets them into a ditch, ATM can get them out.”

Martin Kossick, DuBose

We use ATM on a regular basis & they always do a great job. They keep you informed from the beginning of the delivery until it is delivered. Top notch!”

– Ted Huguley, Motion Industries

“They are the #1 expedited freight company in the U.S. in my opinion, and I have been doing this a long time.”

Nicole Shackelford, Mackson Nuclear LLC

“Great team – from the quote stage to delivery person. You are always informed of your shipment from initial pickup until delivery, every step of the way, which is impressive. We have partnered with ATM for decades for our quick “gotta have it” freight needs.”

Paul Gassen, Benicia Fab

“I have used ATM on multiple shipments that were extremely important and not only did they deliver on time but they also provided updates to my customer and myself without me having to ask.  One of the best shipping companies out there with an amazing staff!”

Josh Lovelady,  Lewis Goetz & Co.

“Exceptional customer service.  I was very impressed at how easy it was to get my part expedited to the field quickly and safely.”

Laura Fitzgerald

“ATM is a very reliable freight Service Company. Constant shipment feedback and status has helped our company do business.”

Daniel Arzola, Altus Intervention (formerly Qinterra)

“I want to let you know we appreciate the level of customer service and contact provided by your team.  It is great to have a partner in which we can rely on when called upon.”

– Daniel Benavides, PepsiCo