Hotshot: Why You Need This Downtime-Reducing Solution

Quick. Fast. Speedy. Like lightning. $$$.

These are all running through your mind when you’re in an equipment failure crisis and you need a replacement part. NOW.

Time is wasting – and that means money is, too.

Hotshot may be the answer.

Here’s what you need to know about hotshot freight solutions.

What is hotshot?

The term “hotshot” usually refers to a class 3, 4, or 5 truck with an added trailer for extra capacity, hauling an item for a single customer who needs it to be delivered in an expedited way.

They’re used for delivering time-sensitive loads, often for an item that’s needed to prevent some type of failure, like a powergrid in a factory or an oilfield pump.

Hotshot loads can also consist of large equipment or machinery, like those used on a construction site.

Why hotshot’s so hot

Of course, the biggest advantage of using hotshot is avoiding downtime and minimizing costs.

Here are some scenarios in which hotshot can save the day:


  • You’ve hired in some workers to help you get a huge construction job done. Things are moving along right on schedule – UNTIL. An integral piece of equipment goes kaput. You have a choice: Pay employees for being on the job and work they can’t complete OR get replacement equipment ASAP.
  • Things are humming along at the nuclear power plant. Then they’re not. When part of a nuclear reactor fails, time is of the essence. Huge amounts of money are lost for every hour the processes are stalled. You need the replacement and you need it NOW.
  • You’re the manager at an oil-drilling site. A pipe springs a leak and you can patch it, but you know the patch won’t hold for long. It’s essential that the work keeps moving along or your revenue will suffer.


When you have an emergency situation, using hotshot to get your precious cargo delivered in a timely manner is often an optimal solution.

But not all expedited services are created equal.

Finding the right logistics expert

Let’s look at some of the qualities you should look for in a hotshot company.

Shipping Mistakes to Avoid


The stakes are high. You need a company you can trust will do what they say – when they say they’ll do it.


When a lot of money in lost revenue is on the line, you want to work with a freight forwarder who stays in close contact with you.

Transparency is an important piece of the communication puzzle, too.

If an issue comes up, you need to be confident that your logistics expert will be upfront and work with you to find a solution.

Customized problem-solving

Each situation is unique.

You want to work with a logistics expert who can minimize your downtime, help you maximize productivity and offer you cost-friendly options.

24/7/365 availability

That’s the beauty of hotshot, isn’t it?

A mechanical failure rarely comes at a convenient time. Your logistics expert needs to be able to handle your emergency no matter the day or hour.

Hotshot your way to less downtime

The bottom line is that you don’t have time to wait when you experience a failure on your job site, wherever and whatever that may be.

Hotshot is a safe and reliable way to get what you need, when you need it.

And don’t forget that the logistics expert you trust with your cargo can make or break you.

What types of hotshot freight do you need help with?

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