Expedited Freight is the Fast Shipping Solution You’ve Been Looking For

Expedited freight is the answer.

At least, when the question is, “How can I get this uber-important part shipped ASAP?

There’s no better way to prevent delays in production or vital processes when you have a mechanical failure or need an emergency shipment.

There are a few ways your precious cargo can be transported with expedited freight.

Check out your options.

Air freight

Often, air freight is the quickest way to get a part or piece of equipment across the country.

From budget-friendly to highly-customized transport, you’ll be able to get what you need on the next flight out, the next day or the second day.

Let’s take a closer look at these fast-shipping options.

Shipping Mistakes to Avoid

Next flight out

With this service, your parts or materials can be picked up around the clock and will be sent to the destination on the next flight out.

Next day air

One of the advantages of this option is that there are no size or weight restrictions.

There also aren’t any cut-off limits for when your shipment can be picked up. It’s customized so it can be delivered any time of the day or night.

Second-day air

This is a cost-effective choice when your delivery is too time-sensitive for ground freight but not an emergency.

You can choose the time you’d like the materials to arrive on the second day or save money by designating that the delivery can be made any time.

Air charter

This option is the top-of-the-line, fastest way to move your shipment from Point A to Point B.

It’s highly-customized, you have maximum control and your freight is the only thing on board.

You would use air charter for the most time-sensitive emergencies.

Ground expedited freight

Air freight is not always the fastest option. It all depends on your timeline and what you’re shipping.

For example, your location or the destination may not be near an airport.

Here are your options for ground freight:

  • Cargo van. To cover a short distance very quickly, a cargo van is probably the best option. Whether it’s across town or across the state, a cargo van can get your important shipment where it needs to go quickly and safely.
  • Flatbed truck. Parts for construction machinery are often large, bulky, and/or unwieldy. A flatbed truck is the perfect option for this type of cargo.
  • Small pickup truck. A small pickup has the capability and speed of a cargo van, but it’s more sensible for small parts that don’t require much space.
  • 53-foot van. This type of “dry” van can be used to transport anything but liquids. It’s ideal for a shipment that needs some protection from the elements because it’s enclosed.

Expedited freight helps you minimize downtime

No matter what industry you’re in, experiencing a hitch in your process can be costly.

Sending and receiving materials and parts crucial to your day-to-day operations quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively is a must.

Expedited freight is a tried and true method of making sure all your bases are covered when an emergency hits.

Working with the right complete transportation and freight services provider is a big piece of the puzzle.

What is your most common emergency situation?

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