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We ship it all. Whether it’s an envelope or a 50-foot pipe,we’ve got you covered.

ATM Freight Services was founded in 1978 with the knowledge that an effective system of transportation logistics combined with communication practices that are second to none are the only way to transport cargo—across all industries.

Our years of experience in transporting freight have taught us that every industry is different. They have different needs and we strive to adapt to whatever specific needs you have.

Training by the power nuclear industry has taught us that consistent, up-to-date communication throughout the move is vital. Other industries have their own distinct demands but communication is always vital.

From parcels to pallets, to oversize loads and everything in between, we’ve got you covered at ATM Freight.

We’ve earned our customers trust. And we’ll earn yours.

We have earned the confidence and trust of our customers through our commitment to consistent communication, our professionalism, and the respect we demonstrate toward everyone we work for and everything we transport.

ATM Freight Services is highly regarded in the industry as a result of our people and our service. Let us know what we can do for you today.

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Chad Rippy - President

Dan Schochler

Dan Schochler - Vice president