About Us

ATM Freight Services provides air freight, ground services, and international forwarding services, across industries and across the globe.

We are fully equipped to handle complex logistics, managing the shipment of your freight between plants, ports, warehouses, or any other location you designate. Whether your freight is sent interstate, intrastate, or internationally, we adhere to a proven, reliable transportation process designed to address your unique requirements.

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Our Services

We offer round-the-clock service so your valued freight arrives on schedule, every time.

ATM Freight Services operates twenty-four hours a day, 365 days per year. There are no weight or size restrictions and every form of transportation is available to meet your shipping needs—ground HotShot, LTL, and international shipments. From our centrally located headquarters in Houston, TX, we are well positioned to move your critical cargo from Point A to Point B so it arrives when you’re expecting it.

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Next flight. Next day.
Second day. Consider it
already there.

Your freight is moved on the next flight, the next day or the second day. We have the logistics expertise to expedite your goods anywhere, to arrive when you need it there.

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Minimize downtime.
Minimize expenses.
Maximize productivity.

Our ground services are geared toward safely transporting your material on the road when
it’s time sensitive, cost is a factor, or it requires
special handling.

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Importing, Exporting, Customs Clearance. Transportation Services, Worldwide.

Whether you’re importing, exporting, or both, or you require documentation or customs clearance assistance, ATM Freight Services can assist you with international transportation services.

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Mailing/Remit to address:
ATM Freight Services

P.O. Box 60092
Houston, TX 77205
[email protected]

Corporate Office:

16540 Air Center Blvd
Houston, TX 77032